VIDEO: Hollyn – ¡Hola!

VIDEO: Hollyn – ¡Hola!

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Got me living in the fast life
Slowing down is like a pastime
Seeing stars but not the good kind
Eyes are blurry from the long nights
Gettin’ stopped wherever I go
Just tryna fly into the next show
Thinking ’bout my family back home
Wondering “Where did the time go?” – Hollyn

Buy an excluisve ¡Hola! t-shirt at and get the song for free! Music video directed by Wander Creative & Brad Moist. Music produced & mixed by Cole Walowac. Mastered by Ambient Digital. Written by Hollyn, Cole Walowac & Alex Williams. ©2017 Gotee Records, Inc. Download or stream at

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